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Gerard Loughran

Our company contracted Warren as a Principal Architect during a pivotal transition from an early Proof-of-Concept to a full-blown cloud-native commercial platform that was highly scalable, fast, secure, and reliable. I would highly recommend him as a Contractor, and I also look forward to working with him again in the future.

Warren was a valued senior leader within the Product Team, he implemented impressive and innovative new technologies, and despite the unique and highly complex nature of our work, no challenge was too much for him. In addition to being an excellent architect and hands-on coder, he also was a great influence on other team members; he was always willing to share knowledge, train or support other employees, and their growth as engineers was tangible.

As a person, he is hard-working, easy-going, honest, and direct, which quite often are necessary traits when you’re dealing with complicated design decisions. He brings a level of experience and calmness to high-pressure situations or deadlines, and he routinely comes up with solid solutions to any given problem.

Areas he worked on: Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Frontend, Backend, Big Data management, compliance, and pipelines. Integration with core Data Science algorithms, AI, and Machine-Learning components.

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