Allow us to take care of your software project by managing both your offshore and in-house development teams.  Our Project Management Services are next to none and your 
success is our success 

Scrum Master, Agile Development, or Waterfall Management - you decide

The NI App Developers Limited's corporate team has over 20 years’ experience within the software development sector.  This means that we have finely tuned skills that enable us to coordinate the work of cross-functional teams whose work successfully culminates in the production of a new piece of application software or system software – which is on time and in budget.  

Finely tuned project management skills allow us to plan, organise, and integrate cross-functional IT projects.    With exceptional use of modern specialist Scrum Management skills and Agile Development Techniques - as well as Waterfall management techniques (and variations of this) if preferred - we work closely with the product owner and product manager to ensure the product is exactly what the client wants and needs.      

Whether you need one Scrum Master, or a full project development team, we ensure that your project is a success!

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We are very selective of the projects and clients we take on the projects have to excite us, with modern tech, a new approach of how to do things, we are most enamoured by medical, sporting apps and IoT.  It is a major bonus if your project is ethical or it is a project you and other teams have struggled to develop or get just right.

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