Mobile App Development is our forte.  
Whether it's native or hybrid, we can make your App dreams a reality.  Who knows?  Your idea could be the next killer App.  
Drop us a message and get a quote today, we even offer revenue sharing development models.

Bespoke Mobile App Development

These days everything is mobile. Your banking, paying for food at a restaurant, shopping… to name but a few. You expect it and your clients are no different.  Which is why our clients look to us to create something bespoke for their business. Whether your business needs an App to satisfy your clients or to enable your workers to process their works on the go, we can advise the best fitting solutions and advise on what can be achieved with the technology available and what method of development is most suitable for your App.

Application Software Development (App Development) has ‘only’ been around since 1997.  With 20 years’ software development experience under our belt, this means we have been following the progress of App development from the beginning.  This experience means we have created 100+ Apps for both customers and for our own company. 

We have developed sports apps, ticket scanning apps, health & fitness apps, food apps, tracking apps, timekeeping apps, product ordering apps, ecommerce apps, happiness and wellbeing tracking apps, production line management apps, invoicing apps, PAYE & Salary apps ..…. to name but a few.

Mobile Apps designed for different operating systems

Did you know that Apps act differently on different operating systems?  Did you know there are different ways to develop Apps for these different operating systems.   

We support a full range of methods for development.  From ‘mobile web’ to ‘hybrid’ to ‘full native’ development, for Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and many other operating systems.

Reducing your development costs

As with all bespoke App Development projects we undertake, we also advise clients on the use of other existing products that we feel will also provide solutions to their problems.  We want to reduce development costs for our clients.  Knowledge of what existing products are available, and whether these existing products are free or licensed, can help with this.  We are NOT here to recreate or reinvent the wheel.    

In saying this, fun and innovation are major motivations for our team.  So, we throw down the gauntlet to all those budding entrepreneurs who bring us a killer idea for an App or fun idea for an App and do not have the finances to make their dream a reality.  For these visionaries, we offer App Development on profit sharing basis with no outlay.  If we value the idea or enjoy the idea or relish the challenge that it brings, we are happy to take the financial risk with you!

Request to become a client

We are very selective of the projects and clients we take on the projects have to excite us, with modern tech, a new approach of how to do things, we are most enamoured by medical, sporting apps and IoT.  It is a major bonus if your project is ethical or it is a project you and other teams have struggled to develop or get just right.

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