Our Services

Some of the services we have on offer, please not this is not an exhaustive list so if you aren't sure if we do something drop us a message or give us a call to discuss.

Software Development

If you can think of it we can develop it any software for any hardware or architecture in best fitting programming language.

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Mobile App Development

We can make your mobile app dreams into a reality.  We develop a multitude of app types and styles both native and hybrid development.

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API Integration

If you have a current software system we can extend it's functionality using any available API out there created by some other nice folks.

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Software Consultancy

Give us a call when you are starting a project to advise on best practises regardless if we are developing or  to assess a current or completed project. 

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Project Management

We can come into your project to manage all aspects and even whip your unruly, runaway project into shape and bring those escalating costs in line.

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Requirements Elicitation

Have an idea for a project but don't know how exactly to put into words or explain it to a development co. Let us take care of that for you.

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Scrum Master Services

In todays world most software development teams are ran using agile methods we can supply a scrum master to manage those teams.

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Really what to give your project a helping hand? We can supply very skilled, experience and proficient contractors to work with your team

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Match & Event Ticketing

We specialise in match and event ticketing and supply many club tickets for matches throughout the UK and Ireland.

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I.T. Support

Need a hand with your software, hardware or architecture maintenance?
We can make you a bespoke support package even on software developed elsewhere with allowances of your choosing.

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Request to become a client

We are very selective of the projects and clients we take on the projects have to excite us, with modern tech, a new approach of how to do things, we are most enamoured by medical, sporting apps and IoT.  It is a major bonus if your project is ethical or it is a project you and other teams have struggled to develop or get just right.

Submit Request

Fill in our online form describing, your company, your project, what issues you have and its purpose.

Request Analysed

Our team analyse your requirements and company and see if it fits with our process and type of works.

Video Conference

If your project is selected we will organise a video call to thrash out requirements and terms of business.


Once terms and and contracts signed we put you through our onboarding process giving you transparency of your project.

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