Mobile App Development

These days everything is mobile. Your banking, paying for food at a restaurant, shopping on ebay.  Everyone expects it and your clients are no different, at ADNI we specialise in Mobile app development ranging from mobile web to hybrid to full native development for Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and many other operating systems.

At ADNI we have many accomplished apps for clients and for our own in house projects.

Whether your business needs an app to satisfy your clients or to enable your workers to process their works on the go, we can advise the best fitting solutions and advise on what can be acheieved with technology available and what method of development is most suitable for your app.

As with all developments we undertake we also advise on the use of other products that are available to reduce development costs whether these products be free or licensed.

Fun and innovation is a motivation also in our work so at ADNI we throw down the gauntlet to all those budding entrepreneurs. Bring us your idea of a killer or fun app and we will develop it on a profit sharing basis with no outlay to you if we value or enjoy the idea or challenge that it brings.

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