Key Benefits of Choosing Us

These are some of the many reasons that our clients request us as their app developers of choice

Cloud Gurus

Our staff have extensive knowledge of cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud but most importantly the AWS (Amazon) stack turning your product highly scalable and available with low latency rather than being a small time website hosted in your developers garage.


We offer a varied range of pricing on our works depending on skillset and technicality of the project.  We offer fixed priced contracts as well as daily rate contracts.  Our pricing is very transparent so that you know exactly what you are paying and when. 

Big data and AI

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of big data and AI means that we see the true potential in your software based on it's data.  Using this data and best of breed tools we train models allowing you to make predictions and have better insight into your business and it's customers. 


Our MD has been developing software for over 20 years and still is involved today in hands on development, thus having eye for best talent, in Belfast there is a massive talent pool as we have highest university places per head of population in the EU.   

Modular Patterns

Most software we develop is developed using modular patterns meaning these modules are reusable and we have a library of in-house modules making your project delivery quicker and more cost effective.


As well as using agile methodologies we use best of breed management tools and have an extensive shared knowledge base amongst our staff, we review this and our staff's skills on a regular basis and believe in continuous training to remain on top. 

Request to become a client

We are very selective of the projects and clients we take on the projects have to excite us, with modern tech, a new approach of how to do things, we are most enamoured by medical, sporting apps and IoT.  It is a major bonus if your project is ethical or it is a project you and other teams have struggled to develop or get just right.

Submit Request

Fill in our online form describing, your company, your project, what issues you have and its purpose.

Request Analysed

Our team analyse your requirements and company and see if it fits with our process and type of works.

Video Conference

If your project is selected we will organise a video call to thrash out requirements and terms of business.


Once terms and and contracts signed we put you through our onboarding process giving you transparency of your project.

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